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Open-ended wellbeing resources:

Meet Heather Jesse Ray, wellbeing program designer, founder of My Wellbeing School and author/illustrator of a diverse range of picture books and workbooks exploring wellbeing, mental health, multiple intelligence, neurodiversity and emotional regulation.

Developed through research and collaboration.

Wellbeing programs and books at My Wellbeing School have been developed and supported through research with Liverpool John Moores University in the UK, built upon through the research of Harvard Graduate School of Education and supports the sustainable development goals of UNESCO.

Created for children, families, therapists and teachers

Wellbeing resources that explore, support and inspire critical consciousness and conversations around what it means to be well, happy, smart, self-aware, resilient and connected.


Start the conversation early around feelings, emotions, self-awareness, grounding and connection. Each picture book has it’s very own guided meditation at the back of the book accessible via a QR code read by author/illustrator H. J. Ray.

Feeling My Emotions

My Bare Feet

Robin's Sweet Heartbeat

“My goal is to create beautiful open-ended, accessible resources and books that inspire a genuine dialogue around what it means to be well, connected, self-aware, emotionally intelligent and mentally strong.”