Wellbeing is fluid, dynamic, open-ended and multi-dimensional. The Peace by Praxis ten-week primary school challenge offers students and educators an opportunity to dive into wellbeing in a fun, collaborative and explorative way.

The Peace by Praxis Challenge offers a framework for authentic exploration into wellbeing as students and educators work together exploring their individual responsibility and rights to wellbeing, whilst collectively exploring moral questions, values and social justice in a greater social context.

Wellbeing Support for Educators

Supporting and empowering educators to cope with stress, improve mental health and manage their workload through mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing resources.

  • Wellbeing framework foundation training A. Exploring the underpinning principles of wellbeing and navigating wellbeing in the current global context.
  • Meditation and mindfulness foundation training B. Introducing educators to meditation practice for themselves and the classroom.
  • Mindful SOS. A series of 10 short health and wellbeing training videos to help educators centre, calm and focus in the moment.
  • 10-week explorative journal covering mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing aligning with the student wellbeing framework for educators and students to develop and work together.
  • 13 bespoke guided meditations aligning with the peace by praxis challenges
  • Online Implementation Training. Practical implementation session with a nominated My Wellbeing School Ambassador from your school or institution.
  • Interactive Q & A Sessions. Supporting sustainable implementation. My Wellbeing School offers monthly breakfast meetings to explore, discuss and encourage collaboration with schools.

Wellbeing Support for Students

Published September 2020 My Wellbeing Universe is a ten week explorative study on mental, emotional and physical health. Offering a weekly self-check in journal, focused lesson and guided meditation, the program provides a comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) framework and aligns with the PDHPE syllabus.

  • My Wellbeing Universe curriculum is a 10-week explorative study into wellbeing for stage 1-3. The framework aligns with the PDHPE syllabus and the peace by praxis 10-week whole school challenge.
  • Student journals to continue their wellbeing journey as a self-guided reflection in literacy groups.
  • 13 bespoke guided meditations aligning with the My Wellbeing Universe curriculum.
  • 13 Classroom posters, printable PDF’s to support the weekly wellbeing focus.
  • Inspiring Mindfulness picture book series; Robin’s Sweet Heartbeat; My Bare Feet.
  • Parent and carer resources to encourage and explore the work further at home.

“My Wellbeing Universe opens up spaces and encourages ‘nomadic’ thinking (Deleuze and Guatarri, 1987, 1995), where the principles related to Education for sustainability and rhizomatic principles help to deterritorise current understandings and reterritorise new understandings (Tillmanns 2017, 32).” (Hirst 2020)

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