My Mind Is A Garden

“Your mind is a garden, you thought are the seeds, your harvest will either be flowers or weeds.”
William Wordsworth.

Each thought we have is a seed and when nurtured with the attention of our mind it will grow.

So what does that mean for us? It is vital to be aware of what thoughts we are focusing on. The light of our mind is the attention we place on each thought, but here’s the trick.

Not wanting something – and focusing on what you don’t want feeds the seed because you see the image in your mind and the attention on the image nurtures it. Your mind doesn’t hear “don’t”- it feeds on the images and vibration we focus on.

So when you find yourself focusing on feelings or thoughts that are not constructive for your life and make you feel as though you are contracting – take away the attention. Shine your light onto the feelings, that you do want to amplify in your life.

Redirect your thoughts and be diligent in keeping the garden of your mind a beautiful place to live.