My Emotional Weather

Emotions come and go, like the weather. You are not the clouds, you are the sky.

When we identify strongly with our emotions they have a way of controlling us. 

Let me rephrase that because by all means identify with the expansive, open, positive emotions. Let that joy and love flow through you, because in truth – that is who we are. 

Its the dark clouds, the fog that feels like it never lifts, the storms that uproot everything inside us, the constant drizzle that feels that its never going to pass – that’s the weather we could do without. 

But – emotions are important, and by no means am I suggesting you repress and suppress them because that just intensifies them in the long term.

What we want to develop is the ability to witness, step back from the clouds, observe the feelings without allowing them to engulf us.

When the clouds come, see them, pay attention to what is causing the pressure to build up and let the rain and the storm come. 

When we develop our emotional intelligence, and we feel the pressure building up inside, we learn how to release these feelings in a way that won’t hurt others or ourselves. 

  • Talking about them with someone you trust can help
  • Write your thoughts and feelings down
  • Do some exercise to shake things up and flood your body with those feel-good hormones
  • Do something that you love
  • Focus on your breath and the beats of your heart, bringing yourself to the present moment
  • Do a meditation

Whatever it is that works for you, taking time to allow your emotions to surface is important – communication and talking about how you feel is a strength and a skill that just needs practice in some of us. 

Sometimes we don’t have words to describe how we feel – that’s OK too, just knowing something doesn’t feel right is enough.

But remember – the sun is always there behind the clouds, and you are not the clouds, you are the sky.