Creativity and Intuition

When we are in a state of stress, anxiety, fear or anger, it can be hard to hear our inner voice because it’s drowned out by all the noise inside our head. We go into survival mode. Anyone that has kids that play Minecraft will know that survival mode means more danger. Stress levels increase, our vision narrows and the problems in our life feel very real, and hard to overcome. Finding creative solutions takes a different emotional state.

Inspiration; to breathe in or to feel inspired, creatively, connected to life around us. The process of calming our mind to find creative inspiration starts with guess what? A deep breath. Ahhhhh.

We centre ourselves calm our mind, and open ourselves up to our inner muse, the inspiration that exists within each breath, always there waiting to talk to us. Able to claim the full resources of our mind and find creative solutions to problems, which before felt overwhelming.

We just have to listen.

Here is a guided meditation that can help you to connect to your intuition and set yourself up for a productive day.